I call on pure positive energy, the source of love and light, my guardian angels and spirit guides and the medical team from the non physical realms that work for the light and ask that you support me in creating a pure vibration to flow well being to each and every cell in this physical form so that I may radiate more Pure Positive Energy and glow with an attitude of gratitude and well being. I ask to be shown how to draw those who wish to be the same into my life. I ask that all beliefs, perceptions and judgments that would have it otherwise be restructured. I ask that this take place now on all levels of time and space, dimensions and inner dimensions. 

So be it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love and support. 

                                              THREE UNIVERSAL PRINCIPALS


You've heard, "like attracts like." Well, let's extrapolate that to whatever energy we vibrate is what we attract to us. So if we are vibrating in abundance (love, appreciation, knowing we are enough, etc.)[open flow of energy] or if we are vibrating in lack (fear, doubt, not enough, anger, frustration, etc.) [constricted flow of energy] then that is what we attract to us. We might say that basically our valves to receive energy of well being, love and light, joy, peace and happiness are either open or closed and that it is solely based on our own thoughts. What we experience now is a result of what we thought before. What we create in the future is a result of what we think now. Through our THOUGHTS NOW we CREATE ENERGY vortexes that create our future. Hence, "RIGHT NOW IS THE BEGINNING OF THE REST OF OUR LIVES!" We are capable of creating and attracting anything we desire. 

Another concept important to remember is that WHAT WE FOCUS ON EXPANDS. So, only spend as much time focusing on what is not wanted as is needed to identify what is wanted! Then FOCUS on what is wanted. Feel it,  experience it as if it were already so. Where our focus is, is what we attract to us. 


We can, through conscious creation, create what we want. We are always creating what we want. Some of what we get we think we don't want, but in truth, if we accept responsibility for creating it we will discover that we created out of default or unconscious creation and because we take responsibility (without blame) we can create differently for our future. If we want to know what we think or believe unconsciously we need only look at our present creations. We are not victims to our present reality. We have only been unconscious about our creating. To shift the 
energy it's important to remember we are NOT VICTIMS and to look at what we don't want to help us identify what we do want. We came here to make choices and to learn how to flow energy. Again, we are experiencing energy vortexes now that we created in the past. Either it feels good or not. It's not good or bad it is just an 
experience of allowing the flow of energy or not. We know by how we feel. We can CHOOSE what we want TO CREATE for our FUTURE by taking responsibility for creating our REALITIES. To make the shift it is important to accept that we are ALWAYS GETTING WHAT WE WANT. This is sometimes hard to accept, especially if there is judgment involved, but if we keep doing things the same way we'll keep getting the same results. Let go of judgments and try a new perception. 


This law is about allowing others the right to choose how they want to flow their energy. Trusting in Divine Right Action ALWAYS taking place, it is only our judgment about an experience that gives it any meaning. In my reality energy is either flowing or not and if not I want and am committed to opening my valve to experience the full potential of pure positive energy flowing through me at all times.I take responsibility for how I flow energy and can allow you to choose how you want to flow your energy. Where or how we vibrate our energy is who or what we 
draw to us (the law of attraction). So, we can focus on consciously creating our future realities, allowing present circumstances to guide us, and allow others to do the same. Remember, what we focus on expands, so if we're focusing on things we don't want and are trying to change it, we're pushing against and because of the focus are actually creating more of the same. Take the experience, allow it's being ness and if it's not what you want, focus long enough to identify what you do want and SWITCH your FOCUS to what you do want. ALLOWING keeps the valve open, JUDGING CLOSES the valve. 

How do we know how we are flowing our energy? By how we feel. My belief is that we are spirits having a human experience. We can only hold one thought at a time and the way spirit communicates with us is through feeling; we can think and feel at the same time. We have two feelings, either expanded (feels good) or contracted (doesn't feel so good). When we are on the path of our purpose we feel free, happy, flowing, loving, trusting (the valve is open for energy to flow through our vessels freely) we are allowing spirit to move through us. When we go off point
we feel contracted, fearful, untrusting, frustrated, angry (the valve is closed and energy is stuck in our "body bags") and spirit is communicating to us that we are off point. We are holding spirit in limitation. Spirit wants us to know that by creating open valves for the energy to move through us we are unlimited. 

How does this affect our dowsing? Doubt is usually what blocks dowsing and it's clear here that doubt blocks the flow of energy. Dowsing is working with the energy so if it is constricted it would definitely affect results. 

How do we create a shift? The fastest way to shift energy is to go into appreciation. An ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE will do wonders. Identify what you don't want so you can shift your energy to what you do want. i.e. If having trouble with your dowsing -- stop -- notice how you feel (probably fear of not doing it right or fear of wrong answers [not trusting]) -- appreciate your commitment to truth, appreciate the opportunity to dowse, appreciate whatever comes to mind until you feel the energy shift -- now state what you want (I want to trust my dowsing, I want clear accurate answers, I want truth, I want to be able to use this tool to create more clarity in my life, etc.) -- now affirm (I trust my dowsing, I am committed to being a clear channel for spirit to move through me, I always get perfect answers, etc.). Do it anytime you are in doubt, as many times as necessary, remember we are not victims: We can be conscious creators. 

Happy creating. Yours in Love and Light,

Teri Mister

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